2:19pm July 24, 2014



More of Cassandra Jean’s flower cards — we’re now onto The Infernal Devices, and these cards are done in oils, not watercolor. Jem and Will, together as always!

These two… THESE TWO (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

9:46pm July 22, 2014


teen wolf meme / (1/1) villain →nogitsune

You think Stiles, skinny defenseless Stiles, is the Nogitsune, a powerful, dark spirit.

9:45pm July 22, 2014
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credit: xsh_red


credit: xsh_red

3:52pm July 20, 2014
3:51pm July 20, 2014

TMI Appreciation Week | Day 6: favorite family » Lightwood Family

Lightwoods, all together.” She whispered. Jace’s hand was suddenly damp where she was holding it, and he realized she was crying, her tears splashing down crying for him, because she loved him; even after everything that had happened, she still loved him. They both did. He fell asleep like that, with Isabelle on one side of him and Alec on the other, as the sun came up with the dawn.”

11:37pm July 19, 2014